Christ Nagar, Hullahalli,
Begur-Koppa Road, Sakkalwara Post,
Bangalore-560 083, Karnataka.

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The cafeteria offers refreshment and nourishment to the students, hostellers, faculty
and the operating staff. The cafeteria is very spacious in order to accommodate a large
number of students and also has very comfortable seating arrangement. The whole
ambience of the cafeteria is so soothing and delightful that it tempts you to come here
again and again. There is a separate hall attached to the Main Hall especially for the
support staff and faculty. The college cafeteria is the pulse of the campus. It is a
popular hub on the campus not only for the physical refreshment but also for student
bonding and discussions. Proper cleanliness and hygiene is maintained both by the
cooking & cleaning teams. Complaints and suggestions if any are always welcome
from the students for the improvement in services.

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