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On 19th October 2019, Christ Academy organized Ethnic day ‘Sangamahotsav’
which focused on celebrating different cultures, regions, and languages, to
showcase the tradition of every student of our college. It was an endeavor to bring
about a simple expression of unity in diversity that holds together the multitudes of
outlooks, lifestyles, and traditions to reflect the ethnicity of our country.. Going
traditional… students of Christ Academy Junior College and Christ Academy
Degree College celebrated it in full pomp and splendor.
All the students were divided into nine groups class-wise and each group was
given a festival or celebration as their theme. The festivals were Navaratri, Onam,
Pongal, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Holi, Lohri, Durga Pooja, and Bihu. The
students were provided with an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of vibrant and
colorful India. The whole was charged with the ethnic atmosphere when a mini India
was created with students in their dazzling, colorful, exquisite traditional
The day’s proceedings were grouped into three- the decorations, the
procession, and the dance. The excitement and vigor for the ethnic day
began a week back as the groups were allotted a spot each to decorate
according to their themes.
The occasion was graced by Mr.Vaijinath Biradar and Mr.Sharan who were welcomed with
enthusiasm and spirit. The day began with the procession which
included each group coming forward and giving a short performance
on their theme. Then all the groups took a walk around the campus
while depicting their festival in the most creative way possible.
The procession was followed by the dance performance of all the
groups. The groups were allotted nine minutes each to perform either a
dance or a dance drama based on their theme. The performances were
so enthralling that the judges were put in a tough spot when it came to
announcing one of them as the winner. This was followed by the award
ceremony where the groups were awarded for the procession and the
dance. The most awaited moment of the day was the DJ performance
when after a fun yet tiring day, the students danced their hearts out.

In the era of modernization and westernization when most of the
people are moving away from their own culture and history, events like
Ethnic day enable the young generation to revive love and respect for
their own culture and history.

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